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Over half a century of dedication has seen our company grow and evolve since back in the years 1950´s, Don Manuel Gimenez Peinado, founded and became precursor of what is now an institution in the world of photography

After a first stage, not without difficulties, Gimena Photography continued to grow despite the low awareness of Andalusian employers of those years of the importance of industrial photography.

In the year (1970), Gimena settled permanently in Lucena (Córdoba)  building a powerful industrial photographic studio, in an area of ​​over 2500 m2 and equipped with its own photographic laboratory. This allowed Lucena to achieve a leader position in industrial photographic applications, as well as companies from different parts of Andalusia.

Barely a decade later, professionalism and daily work, managed to settle Gimena Photography as the leading company in Andalusia and one of the largest in Spain in the field of industrial photography.

Today we continue to advance toward new goals, incorporating in 2005, the Gimena 3D trademark for industrial 3D photography and editing printed catalogs. Led by the third generation, the most powerful state of the art imaging systems, renderfarm and best team of professionals, Gimena3D develops virtual products recreations with a quality and realism that only a study with more than half of a century of experience in environmental lighting can achive.

We specialize in working with advertising agencies incorporating our services to its portfolio of products, especially everything related to the 3D Computer Graphics/Rendering services

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